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Our coffee roasting ventures started at home, in our oven. Setting off our smoke alarm was a common occurrence and that smoky odor rarely left the house. What can we say, we love quality coffee and we’re willing to go to great lengths to drink it. In fact some may refer to us as “coffee-snobs”. We wear that title as a badge of honor. Over the past decade of home roasting we have learned a couple of things. First, quality beans are a must. A Blatz is still a Blatz even if it’s poured into a champagne flute. Second, the fresher the roast the better the cup. Oils on the beans can become rancid over time. This can gravely effect the taste of your cup. With that in mind, we feel it’s important to not over roast and have too much inventory. We like to have our beans turn over every couple weeks, ensuring you are getting the freshest beans possible. Special orders from our website are roasted on demand.

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