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Welcome to The Hive!

hive: noun | \hīv\. A structure housing honey bees. A colony of bees. A place swarming with activity.

Welcome to The Hive Coffee and Bakehouse. It is not your average coffeehouse. The Hive is a place to grab a coffee, latte, mocha or tea and enjoy the morning paper. The Hive is a place for a quick breakfast sandwich, smoothie or muffin made with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. the Hive is place to meet up with friends for a wholesome lunch. The Hive is a place to host a meeting, a class or party. The Hive is a place to bring the young ones to play while you enjoy a coffee/hot chocolate and a snack.

Our coffee is as fresh as it comes, roasted on site, on demand from our artisanal small batch roasting company, Miller Mohawk Bean Co. All beans are sourced inline with our values to empower farmers while decreasing the impact on the planet. Fair Trade-Organic is always a top criterion.

Our menu encompasses the freshest ingredients following the seasons to ensure freshness and flavor. We Reach out to local suppliers and growers to ensure quality and spur local economic growth. Everything from our soups, sandwiches, salads to our cupcakes, muffins, pastries and smoothies are made with the freshest ingredients. Wholesome and healthy aren’t just BUZZ words here.

We are closed on Sundays.

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Miller Mohawk Bean Co.

Like the miners today and years gone by, Miller Mohawk Bean Co. is the hardest working coffee in Minnesota

The enjoyment of coffee is truly a sensory experience. There is the visual experience of admiring the roasted beans before I grind them. Once they are ground, there is the wonderful aroma released from the whole bean. I love taking a big whiff of the fresh ground beans. The grounds are added to my coffee pot and it then creates the music of the brewing process. When that process is complete, I pour myself a cup, inhaling deeply the wonderful aromas of the fresh brew. As I hold the cup in my hands, it warms my hands. I, then, bring the cup up to my lips and allow the flavors to fill my mouth. Pure enjoyment!


Let Miller Mohawk be part of your coffee experience. Taste the joy

Our mission is to roast small batches of the finest coffee from single origin beans. Key to our mission, our beans are sourced in line with our values to empower farmers, increase their quality of life while decreasing the impact on the planet.
We start with the freshest green bean of the highest quality. We then roast them with careful consideration of the bean characteristics. Each roast is carefully examed to ensure quality before packaging.

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